Here are some photos from December
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Annika and Sonya

Annika and Sonya

The Reindeer outfit - thanks Susan!

What a nice present - thanks again Susan!

What did you say?!?
Annika with Great Auntie Ann

I want MOM!
Sonya and Great Auntie Ann

Great Grandpa Cochran and Sonya

Great Grandpa Cochran and Annika

I know you work hard, but maybe you could shower before holding me?
Annika and Dad

Have they EVER dusted that bookcase?
Annika and Rachel

If you feed me, we can be friends
Great Auntie Ann and Sonya

Is it OK if I burp on you?
Great Auntie Ann and Sonya

Hi Dad, I see you have that bright light thing again...

Wow, how'd everything get upside-down?
Dad and Annika

Sonya helping the Disney Company promote
Winnie the Pooh

Sonya with Lambchop

Ahhh, Grandpa is soft and warm
Great Grandpa Cochran and Annika

Did I ask you to hold me?
Great Grandpa Cochran and Sonya

I'm happy!
Annika and Mom

Sometimes you just gotta kickback and relax

Queen Annika

Let me at her!

The Batto-Samuelson clan at their first Christmas party
Dad holding Sonya Mom with Annika

Men hold beer Women hold babies...
Sonya with Jeff's co-worker Heather Johnston, her husband Chris (no hat) and Ken Cincotta stand in the background

Christmas Morning
Sonya and Annika

Girls, the camera is in front of you!
Sonya and Annika

Isn't this sleeper pretty?

Can you find Mom?
Thanks for the afghan MaryAnn!

This is sleeper is new too, but I've had more of your camera than I can take!

OK, maybe one picture Dad

The beach?!? I want to watch the college bowl games!

I wanna watch FOOTBALL!
Sonya, Annika and Mom

Dad proudly wheels his daughters to the beach

Mom and the girls on Juno Beach

The family at the foot of the Juno Beach pier

Another recent addition